Graduate and Postdoc Alumni

Gianmarc Grazioli    Postdoctoral researcher (Currently Assistant Professor at Cal State San Jose)

Vy Duong                  Ph.D. Chemistry (Physical), 2020.

Kyle Roskamp          Ph.D. Chemistry (Chemical Biology), 2019.

Jan Bierma                Ph.D. MB&B (Structural Biology, Biochemistry & Biophysics), 2019.

John Kelly                  Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical), 2018.

Suvrajit Sengupta     Postdoctoral researcher (Currently Assistant Professor at Gettysburg College)

Natalia Kozlyuk         Ph.D. Chemistry (Chemical Biology), 2017.

David Montelongo    Ph.D. Physics (Biophysical), 2016.

Jerry Guo                    Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical), 2016.

Domarin Khago         Ph.D. Chemistry (Chemical Biology), 2016.

Kelsey Collier             Ph.D. Physics (ChaMP), 2016.

Rebecca Shapiro        Ph.D. Physics (ChaMP), 2013.

Carolyn Kingsley       Ph.D. Chemistry (Bioorganic) 2013.

Kory Golchert             Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical) 2012.

Amanda Brindley      Ph.D. Chemistry (Biophysical) 2012.

Catalina Espinosa      Ph.D. Chemistry (Physical) 2012.

Will Brubaker             Ph.D. MB&B (Structural Biology) 2011.

Ilya Litvak                    Ph.D. Chemistry (Physical) 2009.

Mary Allen                   M.A. Chemistry, 2008.

Pierre Thureau            Postdoctoral researcher (Currently at Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille 1))

Chunqi Qian                Ph.D Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 2007. (joint student with Prof. A. Pines).


Undergraduate and Visiting Student Alumni

Christian Baca                    B.S. Biological Sciences Major (2019)

Ethan Ward                         B.S. Chemistry (2019)

Junyi Tang                            B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences Major (2019)

Amal El Ali                           B.S. Biological Sciences Major (2019)

Suhn Kim                             Northwood High School (2018)

Michelle Xu                         Arnold O. Beckman High School (2018)

Thao Le                                 B.S. Chemistry (2016)

Jennifer Van                         B.S. Chemistry (2016)

Joseph Fakhoury                 B.S. Chemistry/Biology (2016)

Kaosoluchi Egwuekwe       B.S. Biological Sciences Major (2016)

Diana Bandak                      B.S. Biological Sciences (2016)

Nathan Tran                       B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, 2016

Khoi Nguyen                       B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, 2016

Janine Chua                          M.S. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (2016)
                                               B.S. Biomedical Engineering (2015)

Tu Nguyen                           B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, 2015

Justine Ceballos                    B.S. Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, 2015 (UCSD)

Leticia Oliveira                      Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, 2015

Pia Dizon                                 B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014.

Jenny Nguyen                        B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014.

Vyvy Pham                              B.S. Chemistry / Biological Sciences, 2014

Yoko Kamei                             B.S. Chemistry, 2012.

Hein Soe                                  B.S. Chemistry, 2012.

Christina Kim                         B.S. Chemistry, 2012.

Long Hua                                 B.S. Chemistry, 2012.

Vincent Duong                        B.S. Chemistry / Physics, 2012.

Harmony Dixon                      B.S. Biological Sciences, 2011.

Alvin Kung                               B.S. Chemistry, 2011.

Nicole Thomas                        B.S. Chemistry, 2010.

Wesley Yan                              B.S. Chemistry,  2010.

Mark Meronek                        B.S. Chemistry, 2010.

Colin Fellows                           B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2009.

Andrew Oldham                      B.S. Chemistry, 2009.

Chris Shymansky                     B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2008.

Besmeh Farhan                        B.S. Engineering, 2007.