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Martin Lab News

12/03/2020 Congratulations to Dr. Megha Unhelkar on a successful Ph.D. defense! Best wishes for the future in Boston!

09/22/2020 Congratulations to Allison for being accepted to the Minority Science Program sponsored by NIH which will fund her as an undergraduate student researcher!

09/09/2020 Congratulations to Megan (current safety rep) and Megha (past safety rep) for leading the Martin Lab to recognition at the Departmental Awards! Also congrats to recent graduate Dr. Vy Duong on being awarded the E.K.C. Lee award “to support outstanding graduate students in chemistry.”

09/06/2020 – Alpha-crystallin review paper was accepted. Congrats to Marc, Megan and Ashley!

07/12/2020 – Plant-specific insert (PSI) paper was accepted. Congrats to Marc, Marquise and Gemma!

06/01/2020 – Welcome (back) to the lab, Dr. Chelsea Anorma. Dr. Anorma was an undergraduate researcher in our lab before doing her Ph.D. work in chemical biology at UIUC. Now she is a postdoc working on COVID-19 main protease (Mpro) and crystallins.

05/26/2020 – Congratulations to Elliott, an undergraduate student researcher in our lab who was recently named a Beckman Scholar!

05/22/2020 – Congratulations to Dr. Vy Duong on a successful PhD defense and best wishes on the new job!

05/09/2020 – Martin lab is now live on Twitter and Facebook! Check out all of our social media @martinlabuci (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

05/07/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin gave a public lecture on the current research efforts by UCI’s Protease Inhibitor Consortium which she leads. The research is focused on quickly developing an antiviral for COVID-19 similar to treatments that have been effective against HIV. This may lead to a solution faster than a vaccine and capable of supporting those who are immune deficient.  Video Lecture: Developing an Antiviral for COVID-19

05/05/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin was featured on the UCI Podcast Video Series: Attacking the coronavirus where it replicates – safely

05/01/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin is giving a public lecture on Wednesday, May 6th at 9AM PDT. Here is the link to register to get the Zoom event information: Public Lecture Registration

04/27/2020 – Our lab’s research efforts to combat COVID-19 are described here in a three-minute, family-friendly module on the science of pandemics: Of Scientists and Sundews

03/31/2020 – Our lab made UCI news for the work we are doing on COVID-19! Check it out here: Chemistry faculty launch antiviral research project

03/30/2020 – First year molecular biology and biochemistry graduate students Marquise Crosby and Gemma Takahashi join! Welcome to the Martin Lab!

02/01/2020 – If you thought we were cool before, just wait…the NASA grant to study cold-temperature extremophiles to help understand how life could exist in outer space is just taking off!

01/30/2020 – The Martin Lab goes live on social media. Follow us! @martinlabuci

01/29/2020 – First year chemistry graduate students Jose Uribe (Physical) and Megan Rocha (Chemical Biology) join! Welcome to the Martin Lab!

01/09/2020 – Allison (undergraduate biology major) and Sofiya (undergraduate chemistry major) are awarded Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program funds for their project studying carnivorous plant volatile organic compounds. Congrats!

12/06/2019 – Jessica is accepted as a 2020 Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation Pedagogical Fellow. Congrats Jess!

10/09/2019 – Kyle successfully defended! Congrats Kyle!

08/01/2019 – Brenna begins her Fulbright Fellowship tenure in Germany!

07/31/2019 – Marc is awarded a Gilliam Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Congrats Marc!

07/08/2019 – Jessica and Robert Marosi’s (Electrical Engineering) proposal on “From Simulation to Fabrication: Making the Ideal RF Transceiver” has been selected for the inaugural ChaMP Opportunity Award.

07/02/2019 – Jan Bierma successfully defended! Congrats Jan and best wishes during your postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab!

06/27/2019 – Sofiya (undergraduate chemistry major) is selected as an Allergan Undergraduate Research Program Fellow. Congrats Sofiya!

06/16/2019 – Alexandra (undergraduate chemistry major) is awarded Summer Undergraduate Research Program funding! Congrats Alex!

03/27/2019 – UCI News features PhD student Jessica Kelz (On the hunt for new knowledge…)

09/26/2018 – John successfully defended! Congrats John and best wishes for your postdoc position with Ruth Stark at City College of New York!

04/03/2018 – Jessica has been selected for NSF-GRFP. Congrats Jess!

04/02/2018 – Suv accepted a faculty position at Gettysburg College. Congrats Suv!

05/26/2016 – Natasha successfully defended! Congrats Natasha!

12/07/2016 – David successfully defended! Congrats David!

11/29/2016 – Natasha’s paper on the tunicate βγ- crystallin was accepted!

11/29/2016 – Jerry successfully defended! Congrats Jerry!

11/28/2016 – Domarin successfully defended! Congrats Domarin!

11/21/2016 – Kelsey successfully defended! Congrats Kelsey!

07/13/2016 – The Drosera capensis genome paper was published! (Available online)

06/14/2016 – The Drosera capensis protease paper was published! (Available online)

06/08/2016 – The propane clathrate hydrate was published! (Available online)

04/23/2016 – Natasha’s divalent ion NMR studies paper was published (Available online)

04/09/2016 – The Monte Carlo protein system paper was published! (Available online)

04/06/2016 – The protein hydration shell paper was published! (Available online)

04/06/2016 – The difluoromethane clathrate paper was published! (Available online)

10/15/2015 – Domarin’s gamma-S G18V hydrophobic surface paper was published! (Available online)