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Martin Lab News

09/22/2020 Congratulations to Allison for being accepted to the Minority Science Program sponsored by NIH which will fund her as an undergraduate student researcher!

09/09/2020 Congratulations to Megan (current safety rep) and Megha (past safety rep) for leading the Martin Lab to recognition at the Departmental Awards!

09/06/2020 – Alpha-crystallin review paper was accepted. Congrats to Marc, Megan and Ashley!

07/12/2020 – Plant-specific insert (PSI) paper was accepted. Congrats to Marc, Marquise and Gemma!

06/01/2020 – Welcome (back) to the lab, Dr. Chelsea Anorma. Dr. Anorma was an undergraduate researcher in our lab before doing her Ph.D. work in chemical biology at UIUC. Now she is a postdoc working on COVID-19 main protease (Mpro) and crystallins.

05/26/2020 – Congratulations to Elliott, an undergraduate student researcher in our lab who was recently named a Beckman Scholar!

05/09/2020 – Martin lab is now live on Twitter and Facebook! Check out all of our social media @martinlabuci (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

05/07/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin gave a public lecture on the current research efforts by UCI’s Protease Inhibitor Consortium which she leads. The research is focused on quickly developing an antiviral for COVID-19 similar to treatments that have been effective against HIV. This may lead to a solution faster than a vaccine and capable of supporting those who are immune deficient.  Video Lecture: Developing an Antiviral for COVID-19

05/05/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin was featured on the UCI Podcast Video Series: Attacking the coronavirus where it replicates – safely

05/01/2020 – Professor Rachel Martin is giving a public lecture on Wednesday, May 6th at 9AM PDT. Here is the link to register to get the Zoom event information: Public Lecture Registration

04/27/2020 – Our lab’s research efforts to combat COVID-19 are described here in a three-minute, family-friendly module on the science of pandemics: Of Scientists and Sundews

03/31/2020 – Our lab made UCI news for the work we are doing on COVID-19! Check it out here: Chemistry faculty launch antiviral research project

03/30/2020 – First year molecular biology and biochemistry graduate students Marquise Crosby and Gemma Takahashi join! Welcome to the Martin Lab!

02/01/2020 – If you thought we were cool before, just wait…the NASA grant to study cold-temperature extremophiles to help understand how life could exist in outer space is just taking off!

01/30/2020 – The Martin Lab goes live on Instagram. Follow us! @martinlabuci

01/29/2020 – First year chemistry graduate students Jose Uribe (Physical) and Megan Rocha (Chemical Biology) join! Welcome to the Martin Lab!

01/09/2020 – Allison (undergraduate biology major) and Sofiya (undergraduate chemistry major) are awarded Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program funds for their project studying carnivorous plant volatile organic compounds. Congrats!

12/06/2019 – Jessica is accepted as a 2020 Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation Pedagogical Fellow. Congrats Jess!

10/09/2019 – Kyle successfully defended! Congrats Kyle!

08/01/2019 – Brenna begins her Fulbright Fellowship tenure in Germany!

07/31/2019 – Marc is awarded a Gilliam Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Congrats Marc!

07/08/2019 – Jessica and Robert Marosi’s (Electrical Engineering) proposal on “From Simulation to Fabrication: Making the Ideal RF Transceiver” has been selected for the inaugural ChaMP Opportunity Award.

07/02/2019 – Jan Bierma successfully defended! Congrats Jan and best wishes during your postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab!

06/27/2019 – Sofiya (undergraduate chemistry major) is selected as an Allergan Undergraduate Research Program Fellow. Congrats Sofiya!

06/16/2019 – Alexandra (undergraduate chemistry major) is awarded Summer Undergraduate Research Program funding! Congrats Alex!

03/27/2019 – UCI News features PhD student Jessica Kelz (On the hunt for new knowledge…)

09/26/2018 – John successfully defended! Congrats John and best wishes for your postdoc position with Ruth Stark at City College of New York!

04/03/2018 – Jessica has been selected for NSF-GRFP. Congrats Jess!

04/02/2018 – Suv accepted a faculty position at Gettysburg College. Congrats Suv!

05/26/2016 – Natasha successfully defended! Congrats Natasha!

12/07/2016 – David successfully defended! Congrats David!

11/29/2016 – Natasha’s paper on the tunicate βγ- crystallin was accepted!

11/29/2016 – Jerry successfully defended! Congrats Jerry!

11/28/2016 – Domarin successfully defended! Congrats Domarin!

11/21/2016 – Kelsey successfully defended! Congrats Kelsey!

07/13/2016 – The Drosera capensis genome paper was published! (Available online)

06/14/2016 – The Drosera capensis protease paper was published! (Available online)

06/08/2016 – The propane clathrate hydrate was published! (Available online)

04/23/2016 – Natasha’s divalent ion NMR studies paper was published (Available online)

04/09/2016 – The Monte Carlo protein system paper was published! (Available online)

04/06/2016 – The protein hydration shell paper was published! (Available online)

04/06/2016 – The difluoromethane clathrate paper was published! (Available online)

10/15/2015 – Domarin’s gamma-S G18V hydrophobic surface paper was published! (Available online)